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Miljurko Vukadinovic


Ogledi iz književnosti Srba u Rumuniji * Roman

(Studies on literature of Romanian Serbs)

Kriterion, Bucarest, 1993

1) Full Serbian e-edition (Cyrillic) 2) Full Serbian e-edition (Latin) 3) Rezumat - Limba romana

The literature of the Serbs in Romania is one of the minority's literatures of the Serbian language which, from the philological point of view, can be considered as a complex literature.

Her specific development has been complexly conditioned : as much with the relation towards mother literature that much with the folklore heritage and contemporary Romanian literature, as much with complicated and impedes socio-politycal context (the Chaushescu Epoc) that much with accompanied series of „aggravating circumstances" (underdeveloped literal life, small in number of critics, „atomization of reading", non-existence of more reliable critics and literary-historical perspectives etc.).

The literature of the Serbs in Romania, generally speaking, can be only in post War period treated as a relevant aesthetic fact, which has got its own continuity, volume and relative high various of the material (about the less and almost minor significance in the field of drama and essay).

The first novel of the Serbian literature in Romania was published in 1963 — „The daybreak" by Svetomir Rajkov. During its 30-years development, 21 novels written by 13 authors, members of several generations, are to be reported : Svetislav Markovic (1909), Lazar Ilic (1914— 1982), Slavko Vesnic (1920), Svetomir Rajkov (1921), Djoka Zupunski (1932), Ziva Popovic (1934), Jovan Colakovic (1935 —1980), Stevan Bugarski (1939), Cedomir Milenovic (1940), Svetozar Markov (1943), Ivo Muncan (1943) Miodrag Todorov (1944) and Miomir Todorov (1951).

The several novelistic creations of these authors are an important contribution to the whole Serbian literature and a long-lasting mark to the Serbian creativity on this soil and in this time.


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