Nikola Tesla

Electrical oscillator activity ten million Horsepower

Electrical oscillator activity ten million Horsepower
Burning atmospheric nitrogen by highfrequency discharges twelve million volts.*

I wish to announce that in connection with the commercial introduction of my inventions I shall render professional services in the general capacity of consulting electrician and engineer.

The near future, I expect with confidence, will be a wittness of revolutionary departures in the production, transformation and transmission of energy, transportation, lighting, manufacture of chemical compounds, telegraphy, telephony and other arts and industries.

In my opinion, these advances are certain to follow from the universal adoption of high-potential and high-frequency currents and novel regenerative processes of refrigeration to very low temperatures.

Much of the old apparatus will have to be improved, and much of the new developed, and I believe that while furthering my own inventions, I shall be more helpful in this evolution by placing at the disposal of others the knowledge and experience I have gained.

Special attention will be given by me to the solution of problems requiring both expert information and inventive resource — work coming within the sphere of my constant training and predilection.

I shall undertake the experimental investigation and perfection of ideas, methods and appliances, the devising of useful expedients and, in particular, the design and construction of machinery for the attainment of desired results.

Any task submitted to and accepted by me, will be carried out thoroughly and constientiously.

Nikola Tesla

Laboratory, Long Island, N. Y.

Residence, Waldorf, New York City.

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* New York — January 1. 1904.

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