Projekat Rastko Gracanica-PecElektronska biblioteka kulture Kosova i Metohije
Projekat Rastko Gračanica - Peć: Istorija: Old Serbia and Albanians

There are numerous historical sources and maps in European Science and cartography that show the real ethnographical circumstances in Old Serbia, especially in its central part Kosovo and Metohia. One of them is the ethnographical map of Serbia, compiled and edited by Alfred Stead, published in London, in 1909. Until the end of the XVIII century, there was no registered Albanian ethnic minority in Serbia. They have been settling in Serbia for the last two hundred years. They came mostly from northern Albania. Beside one part of newly settled Albanians from northern Albania, the majority of today’s Albanians from Kosovo and Metohia are Serbs who were islamized under the Turkish rule. They lost their ethnic features during this period (that is the explanation for a mark “Albanian Serbs” in the legend below the map).

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