Richard Holbrook, Slobodan Milošević

Richard Holbrook-Slobodan Milosevic Agreement, announced in Belgrade on 13 October 1998

Извор/source: Предраг Симић, Пут у Рамбује: Косовска криза 1995-2000, 2000.

Slobodan Milosevic commitments:

•  Ful compliance with UNSCR 1199 - implementing a cease-fire; withdrawing deployed military and special police forces from Kosovo and returning the rest to garrison; immediate access by humanitarian relief workers to Kosovo; and cooperation with war crimes investigations.

•  Acceptance of an intrusive verification regime including OSCE monitors on the ground and unrestricted NATO surveillance in the airspace over Kosovo.

•  Agreement on a specific timetable for completing talks with the Kosovar Albanians that will give Kosovo self-government and its own local police.

Commitments are not compliance. NATO remains ready to act if Milosevic does not follow through on his commitments. He must clearly demonstrate his intent over the next week or so.

OSCE Kosovo Verification Mission

The ground presence, to be organized and led by the OSCE, will consist of roughly 2,000 personnel on the ground with the authority and expertise to report on and verify compliance in all key areas identified by UNSCR 1199. The OSCE mission will have authority:

•  to establish permanent presences at any location in Kosovo,

•  to accompany movements by Serbian police and military border units,

•  to help coordinate relief efforts and return people to their homes,

•  upon a settlement, to supervise elections and help establish institutions and local police.

Building Confidence: The ground element will not only provide an international watchdog over all elements of Serbian forces, but its extensive presence will help build confidence among Kosovars needed for them to return to their homes and embrace a political settlement.

NATO Air Verification System

NATO will have unrestricted aerial surveillance of Kosovo. Air defense systems will be removed from Kosovo or stored in cantonment areas, and no FRY fighter aircraft will fly within Kosovo or in a surrounding "mutual safety zone" during NATO­manned reconnaissance missions.

The NATO Air Verification Mission provides an immediate and additional means to verify FRY compliance, while also reminding Milosevic of the proximity of NATO air power.

Progress on a Settlement

•  Agreed to reach basic agreement with Kosovars on an interim settlement by November 2.

•  Agreed tbat the Kosovar Albanians will have self-government and to the creation of Kosovar institutions of government.

•  Agreed to allow Kosovars to establish local police.

•  Agreed to free and fair elections in Kosovo under OSCE supervision.


We have made it clear that we expect the Kosovar Albanians to do their part by refraining from violence, participating in negotiations and supporting the verification regime.

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