Group 8

G8 Plan for armistice between NATO and Yugoslavia accepted by Serbian Parliament (June 3rd, 1999)

In order to approach a solution to the Kosovo crisis, an agreement on the following principles should be achieved:

1. An immediate and verifiable end of violence and repression in Kosovo.

2. The verifiable withdrawal of all military, police and paramilitary forces from Kosovo according to a speedy time schedule.

3. The stationing in Kosovo, under a U.N. mandate, of effective international, civilian and military presences that could act in line with a possible decision according to Chapter 7 of the U.N. Charter and be able to guarantee realisation of the mutual interests.

4. An international security presence, with fundamental participation by NATO, must be placed under unified command and control and authorised to maintain safe surroundings for the population in Kosovo and to facilitate the safe return of displaced individuals and refugees to their homes.

5. The establishment of a provisional administration for Kosovo as part of the international civilian presence that would be decided upon by the U.N. Security Council under which the people of Kosovo would enjoy meaningful autonomy within the FRY (Federal Republic of Yugoslavia). A provisional administration to maintain the provisional government while democratic self-rule institutions are set up and surveyed to create conditions for a peaceful and normal life for all citizens of Kosovo.

6. After the withdrawal, an agreed number of Yugoslav and Serbian personnel would be allowed to return in order to fulfil the following duties:

- contact with the international civilian mission and international security presence

- mark mine fields and participate in clearance

- maintain presence at places of Serb national heritage

- maintain presence at key border crossing points.

7. The safe and free return of all refugees and displaced persons under the surveillance of the UNHCR and free access for humanitarian organisations to Kosovo.

8. A political process geared at establishing a provisional, political, general agreement that guarantees meaningful self-rule for Kosovo with full consideration of the Rambouillet agreement and principles of sovereignty and territorial integrity of the FRY and other states in the region, as well as demilitarisation of the KLA (ethnic Albanian Kosovo Liberation Army). Negotiations between the sides regarding the solution should not postpone or hinder the establishment of democratic self-rule institutions.

9. A general approach to economic development and stabilisation of the crisis region. That would entail the implementation of the Pact on Stability for Southeast Europe with broad international participation to enable further improvement of democracy, economic prosperity, stability and regional co-operation.

10. The end of military activities would entail the acceptance of these principles as well as agreement to other previously identified and demanded elements specified in the footnote. Then a military-technical agreement would be concluded and cover other modalities including the role and function of Yugoslav/Serbian personnel in Kosovo.


The process of withdrawal, including how it will be phased, a detailed time schedule, as well as the marking of a buffer zone in Serbia beyond which the (Yugoslav) forces would withdraw.


- Equipment of returning personnel

- Scope of their functional responsibilities

- Time schedule of their return

- Setting of the geographical zones of their activities

- Rules which guide their conduct with the international security presence and international civilian mission.


Other demanded elements:

·        A fast and precise time schedule for withdrawal which means, for instance, seven days for a total withdrawal, withdrawal of air defence units out of the mutual security zone of 25 km (20 miles) within 48 hours.

·        Return of personnel dealing with the above-mentioned functions would be conducted under the supervision of the international security presence and would be limited to a small and agreed upon number (hundreds not thousands)

·        Suspension of military activities would take place once the withdrawal began and was verifiable

·        Discussion on the military-technical agreement and its accomplishment would not postpone the previously agreed withdrawal schedule.

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