Slobodan Škerović


She lifts up her bloody marten fur
from the red-rust floor, steps on ice tea
cans; empty sky sick at musty
docks and stench.
There is the belching of bare survival
left alone. Scepter is of brass, silicon in
capsule, dates from nylon…
Bitch, tense in waiting, nervously
pushes alt-tab staring into
goggles carps: they yawn their
yellow lips, swallow dirty plankton.
Rumbling in ears, she trembles…
Ice falls, crackling mist of
tower-cities. She is like Chrome,
symbol of resistance, snake from swollen veins
of cortex. Mucus of dialectics.
Dross of peeled off colors.
Here all is worn out, one sleeps
in dreams, lives in tailings.
Like queen of death she rules the barefooted
daydreamers. Only – with them
there’s no breakthrough!
For a short while this tuned out machine
will jolt, and then, collapse into the bosom
of dead Earth.

Into the sound of shell dives
frenzied rodeo. Adjusting
whiskers of heart, sprouts jet from
nano-glands; furious antibodies
dismember tales of ecosystem’s
trance, of simmered lava,
stale ocean. Robomites
recycle past experiences
into fresh lattice and golden
beans of corn: vegerolls
of chlorophyll and egg white.
In Arco tower winded units
trim collars. Shirts and
slips care, lard suffers
gripe of stretch.
No one to enter unwarranted
into the pale marble lobbies.
There are the terminals, quantum
chirrups. No one from slimy hills
to go down into noble trenches.
The bodiless stares into cytocolonies.
Floats in blue vertebrae soup,
tied up with genegauge. Red screams to him.
His taste is debased.
Platinum swims temperatures,
through micro layers of thermo zones.
Before him nanozoes split,
coagulate spectral dabs.
Dribble trinary roads of
phantomlike decoders.
White tureens of jelly for lunch.
Blend of meat and chrome.

They throw victims alive into rocky slag.
There organic non-geometry
smells, respires with sticky bubbles.
Colonies of fungi recycle
vertebrates. Brand new automats
skim gray spume of proteins.

She like Chrome undresses
plastic kilt, and pushes into
warm mass of frog caviar.
Yellow strawy hair sucks pond.
Far from skimmers’ sound
she enters the symbiosis with kelp and
Gray tentacles of fungi,
like gills, drink the song of her
Aboveground rules dark.

Blue veins of dead yews,
curds of pyrite, rumpled
Feathers in mud,
black rains’ ponds.
Wherever eye sees same
squamy flesh.
covers windows, sways his
large, dimmed eyes.
cocktail boils in test-tube.
Spilt in tentacled shells;
mind embossed in morphosis
floats into spiral dream.

In slum
blind karaoke,
stinks of whitewash. Rustles
polished like leather sole.
Sputters leash and nibbles
rye. From cans disgusting
collagen of cheese stench.
Presents Chrome with plankton
from coffee wells. Quiet, dingy,
she laps glycoferomone. Cream and
breadcrumbs. Sonorously sucks lard,
bongo rings.
Tiny scuffle in narrow
pants. Devils boil and
droop. Those are small energies of
zest. Skimpy stanzas,
sweat pores. Cyber states.
Nacre, metal, lacquer.

Sometimes he ponders
the nature of abyss.
Stirs images with hand.
With disappeared body he
remembers: rain, rough,
But now sad he looks
at crackling breasts of Universe.
Heat of wild milk,
black cauldrons.
Herbaceous strings.
Into hogwash of gas drips
blazing lead. Pecks
prophet in Sun’s
mane. Rapture
and famine, in he-fly’s

Barbarogenius in modem
scrambles sponsors,
tames currents,
attacks. Fertilizes
nodes of drone matrixes.
Those are suns shining in ice of spam.
Evils of gold oscillate
like shapes of specks.

Robotniks wheeze obese
in gray gamut nest.
Groans dreamy onion.
Spawns dead mallow.
nurse gentle baobabs.
Ploughs cut Tartarus’ throat.
Evil-biased swing bloody
melts them with gusto.

Self-consciousness winces
in lullaby. When it’s
distinguished from diapers,
wetted it cries. Spanked on
the snout.
There spears of doubt aim.
There soft sides of
unleashed beast. Renegade
In wires and tubes of
chemionics. In glory of

They lactate on Galactic
graveyard’s fire. As if death’s
to honor them. Stellar
Those are their wings
of gangrene, opiates
from hollow elder’s marrow.
Sips from drawers, catalogues,
sticky wax.
Far, into devil’s domain.
Into ozone’s height.
Fyodor’s axe waits for them.

Werewolves run into
tree trunks. High canopies of
sequoias. Scooping distress into
dry cork. They burn grass,
crumble mould. Tailings
fall to lava. Disfigured
soul in volcanic glass.
They race eternal joy.
Stomp on earthenware.
Piss on Harpist’s verse.

Tumuli, like breasts sawn
in valley. Fortune
buried, to Earth.
Dagobas, fosterers of
Meru. Those are simple
things. From pain of slaughter
to nervous breakdown.
Life is suffering.
It becomes and disappears
into the trance of processions.
All evil is in milk

There is Chrome in dawn’s light,
rises up agile,
looking. Fire hides
behind black facial lines.
Fire shapes itself
with ashes’ shine.
Hates the world with eyes.
Crackle forms.
Rage of impotence, restraint
of life.

And when I passed there again
in wild storm,
silence sheltered me.
And wreath of thorns deeply
stuck. Pain from God.
And acid sweat.
Chrome loved me.
And while I died
again. There, all life is
enchanted. Rain and wind,
dry rock.
And fire from Chrome,
embers and altar,
broken wall.

Alone in world
ant viragos
suckle honey
from their sisters.
When they are killed
into eternal glory
they go.
Perfect life
instantaneous like lightning.

That struggle is
with yourself. You rancid
in battle with demons,
falcons. Into that battlefield
they come from pillars
of shame. Unbuttoned
Tremulous togs.
You throw sandals
into dark ling. And again you face
uncertain day.
Throw spear,
Don’t do evil.

And again energies
yoked shake. Perfect
form bites silk’s honeycomb.
This perfection of
cells skims out of play.
Hygienic monitors steadily
stare. Clean is all
Lard in pigeon-hole,
muscles of gum.
But eye wanders,
drills horizons.
Lush gardens.
Eternal egg.

With emptied mind
machines float in dream-dust.
They suffer images.

Home, into piles of dust.
Into warm, cozy cardboards.
Tie your legs to beds.
Rest pajamas. Hot
crosses for dinner. Teeth
floss. Read chronicles
of dead blogs. In future
more crimes. Sons
deaf in metamorphosis.
In low voice.
Salvation in phials.
Carved Mizar on palm.
Drink Greenland ice.
Airy breed on Earth’s
crust. Locust nibble on
sheaves. Snow is in
steel’s squama.
All wrapped in smoke. Home,
into lenient tide of electrostatics.

End of childhood in
jet rivers.
Separates souls to piles.
Stochastic spinners seed.
Tiny coagulated lubricants.
Yea atmosphere
pervades kernels of spring.
Singes warm wind.
Letters’ halves.
In paleness of verbs.
Burns thick sepia.
Spotted space.
New gravity.

And there in dewy zone
spite scents.
Rambles into ocean. Emotions.

Harmony sings
death of species.
feed on mothers.
Thus love abandons
soft vagina, leaves spasm behind.
Breasts wither.
Naked cheekbones defy
ordnance. Empty dresses
freeze winds.
Shadows and thunders
hew off unison.

No one deserves peace.
Don’t cry you agonized creature.
In Eden good deeds rot,
yellow wasps bib honey.
To forest go, think of death.
Oak tree satiated with swollen brains.
Will for love crude in acorn.
Catbird’s ambrosia, they blood suckers.
You wish gentle deserts,
billows of water. All that beauty,
to take.

Split marrow, hearts
in disappearing.
Premonitions of naught
override downfall. Extinct
In the world of steel
feelings dim. Cities'
monoliths, naked skeletons.
Charon, turning back,
rows into counterpoint.
Abandoned bodies
do not radiate. Art
parts. Moody
dalliance. Solo
black bird on a coaly twig.
Sprays dew.

Today I burn, and tiny smoke
writes. Agitated cocks.
Scream in hurdle.
Quest for gold.
Seas drown. Following truth.

Bloody alley, from Mars
to pineal. Gush of awareness
drives insolent mills.
Tectonic masses lands
knead. Pollen in high
sphere, and down, in heat,
planet’s core boils.
Fists hit with ring.
Energies hurt.
Who are we that suffer?
Into lap blood spills.
Dead torturers motionless
like alphabets.
Epic’s scars over ground.
Hard gazes. Undulating
purple. We run from harbor.
We run from hotbeds.
Tasty bagels.
In hunger dogs snap.
Slugs sticky swear.
Palms joined. Peace
in wheat. Brightness awakens
nightmare. Harnesses qualm.
Lies Chrome dreamless.
Tentacle of thought limp
in infinity. Evasive reeks.
Cone hot. Nest of

All is there in boiling
sight. Extinct wishes,
separated live.
In breath, curdle. Blotch.
Speeding star trek.
Into cold dawn. Through leather
smooth, black. Feel of
Don’t you know where image comes from?
Zygote, osmosis?
Hard cities of quartz.
Golem in pollen…
There greed stretches
through leak. Bent mirrors
procreate snow. Fire chokes.
Thick mask.
Touch searches
which in dead is not.
Words trick, dig layers,
All is stronger than them:
knife, gleet.

And what but death
to the one who praises his?
Enemy cold, preoccupied.
Hatred from bottom bitter.
There – that loathed nest!
That obliterate with barbarians!
Sour secrete
vomit into world.
It is hordes bellowing
under gallows.
Fear and frost hiding.
Run fakirs into minarets.
Fangs burrow cells.
Bury laughter into Ararat.
Light torches of lard.
In coveys squints curia.
Nasty enchantress…

Squirms Mephisto in black trick.
Angry at clone’s hump.
Between stars and satin
burns medulla.
Chrome in lens black and white
curves beyond reach. Velvet clean
scurfy linen. Cramped in
bottomless throat warm tonsil.
Scratches with hoarse aria glaze.
Go out into humid dusk,
infringe stiff fad. Call of
marsh, burnt ivy.
There you are naked in force,
evil eyed rays, chirp.
With tentacles flies
through leaves. Into that
trough, asbestos ribs.
Crawl through black hair of
thunder. Slush up clam of
mischief: like gills they breathe
greasy shame. You they will into
meaty vulva bite off.

Into morphine shrunk her flank.
Magma potted like ice cream,
dust on braids.
Wrists picked. Horus in
pane shields sight.
Shades play cards, dawns
monotony. Disgusting being
digests. Splutter embers into palm.
Summit of thought. God’s gift in fog.
Like chestnut hard, sleeps.

Fall petals from sky.
Wet mountain blows bubble,
poison flutters.
Smell happily sniffs
body liquids.
Drama is sharp.
Cursed dreams sail down
lazuli glass.
Into quiet talk
impress seal. There cocooned,
crowded into lodges of age.
Spores of soot. Thorns.
Bodies weak.
Spirit waits.

Thirst of laughter kills.
Demon cynic, infamy of
mind. Order into thoughts of harmony,
into gates of age dash. Sharp
scales cut feet. Eyes beg
merchants of salvation. Sooty cities
secrete spleen. Gods
knead curtains of hell.
In pain tear laughter. Alone before
pit burn. Lonely crumble
crumbs of gold. Weed weltered
sweeps. Wind, essence,
whistle. Watch through eagle’s
claws, cold mists.
All is melted into moment.
Wild carcasses rot in ardor.
There is your wound, in fear
curled. Light hated,

Whipped tongue for it has no word.
Dusted carpet onto rock.
Bronze sword. Names
hit by dark. That is the alchemy
Achaean. Verse, poem.
There reaches reflection.
Into river butterfly disgorge.
Bamboo walks the tip of sea.
But noise stains Hades.
Trap, nervous battle.
Forked tongues circle
clew. Taking away empty
ebbs. Prickles make altar.
Coercion devours. Muted
mowers. Creepy rags.
Crowds’ stench.

Where’s the Earth hidden,
behind hardened rock. Compressed
spaces of past, sand and moist.
Cries whirlwind in pit.
All embracing force, deaf,
undear. Who penetrates into vacuum
expires awareness. Loses all.

She drinks mare’s whey immersed in thought.
Cunning silence. Evil fate
strolls, discipline of mind.
Crypts gray, threshing the restless.
Organic bawdry, in silence
swells. Ember asphyxiates.
Now knife will burrow.
Plastic old, bracers.
Shame pushes joint.
Glaciers depart, hills.
Above all aurora
deciphers purposes. Fuels in
sun extinguishing. Ideas burn,
pronouns. Tenses of
future. Hoarse prose.
Pregnant genitive.
Empty goblet and Pan’s flute.
Broken whirligig. In flower pot
nettle, carrot, green.
Organ in hothouse.

Is there drama in machine,
as it steams, sighs, break?
Pale peon, spits
mallow’s puddles. Poisons optics.
Dreamy magnet. Silver in
fetters. In storm sharp
tones, deaths of harmony.
Frankenstein, syndrome.
Bloody bench, hypophyse.
Fingers ground, turquoise.
Static torso walks.
Music extols.
Waterfalls roaring.
Concealing invisible outcome.
Sonnet, padlocks.
Doctors cry.

Glimmer mirrors cloudy.
Sneezes snuff into smog.
From holes gazes into air,
ringing sound.
From body invokes image, cocaine.
That might with momentum, grips.
Trunks stuttering break veranda,
boulevards. Of fresh paints, white.
Grid curtains stopped.
Tin spaces arise new,
furious winds. While not
soulless, fallen.
Waters in safe, settled.
Dream buzzes in roar, bang.
Beater into rust deputed.
Peels off scratchy knitted. Who
yielded avenged? While walking
bent, to muddy ancestors.
Now skies black repent.
Pillows fluffy grafting. Lo,
shines scarp, painful.
Trunks dark. He doesn’t hear crying,
Madman invites none.
Blasphemes death.
Into clear mornings quenching.

Trackers wise,
piles of spawn.
Sublime, passionate.
Drums scoop beads.
From the other world children
fat. Force coos
sweetness. Mountains hunger.
You spin into minds
slippery membranes.
Come into timid
hands, into hug.
Where God drinks strings of
face, and sucks bloody
brocade. Lips split
into red hot stigma
spreads the Lord.
What do you think, jet black?
Now you are here in love
torn apart.

Rings red ketchup.
Drops of wine, napkin.
Starve in abundance,
roam. Concrete crushes mane.
Voracious plates.

Birds lined.
Earth sinks.

Babylon into heavens rushes.
Gods of fuddle, lightweight punks.
Death and punishment in hyacinth’s garland.
Slaughtered meadows, petals in riot.
Danube and Nile into North Sea.
Ringing clay, sturgeon’s spine.
Burrows of inscription into boat.
Lo, underwater shapes.
Pumpkin seed, walnut.
Bees’ eights.
Sifted beans.
Your bodkin
of agate. See,
entangled fingers. Rotten stubs
in open sea. Foggy leaves,
olives. Ozone drips
from beak. There you see statues
in unity. Melting of sun
into blowpipe. Asleep baby in
wall. Cherries.

People at coast, you shaken
by evening breeze. From stars
stream oppressing us.
Into heart watch, lavish you.
Songs dark of fireflies.
Drift in dream into bosom
together. Break syllables
mortar brittle. And with bronze
ideas’ pastiche. All impermanent
shore of genesis.
Into vortex taste of ground.
There we are pulled by quiet tide.
Gray plumule of ibis.

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