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On Internet, Project Rastko, Energy Field

Introductory letter on energy field

On “Rastko”, but before that on Internet, or about an old SF idea of “replicators” as the basic moment in humankind transformation.

The idea of replicators includes immediate creation “from the machine”, creation of material objects by transforming energy. Such an economy concept brings down any traditional theory of “exchange” of goods as the basic economical model of humankind.

“A replicators for everyone” takes the individual above the society and releases it from the enforcement expressed as “the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few”.

The Internet appears as the first real actual model of the replicators. Internet is an energy field which offers “costless” – “non exchangeable” – spiritual good, therefore – free.

A great struggle between perpetrators of the classic, today global, economic model, and of this free equivalent of “horizontal community”, is to be expected.

Will there be “burning down the Internet”, will the history repeat, shall we have a new iconoclasm – webclasm?

Have the Incorporations understood what is going on? Are they now fallen into the ecstatic state of Yogi the Bear? A new river popped up, full with fish. They grabbed their handfuls, but fish is still jumping about. Will they start dumping what they already got, so they can grab more?

Internet is not like oil, it is a global energy field. Internet is totally de-territorialized. Actually that is in accordance with the New World Order. But dialectics of the order is such – Internet now to a large degree threatens one large industry – the entertainment industry! And not just that one…

One of the first counterattacks of the NOW is prolongation of the copyright. So we can not read for free authors who left this world 50 years ago. Now the limit is 70 years. This is the real beginning of webclasm. This is dumping of healthy apples, because the hungry have no money to pay – so they can drop dead as well.

There already exists one taboo – the water engine. Everybody knows that, no one dares to make it. In the realm of software, the worst OS prevailed. But it also suffers from Internet and soon enough we shall see its end.

We will have better OS on the Internet, we will not depend on the “one Windows”. We will have “Ubik” instead of “shape”.

Knowledge is force, knowledge is might – these are not empty words. This phrase has profound, multilevel meaning. Monopoly of knowledge drowns in the ocean of Internet. Incorporations maybe can protect their issues of worthy authors, but there are so many worthy authors which have not signed the Contract with Devil. They freely publish knowledge of the same quality. Knowledge comes from the spirit, and from spirit it is freely tapped.

The role of art in this action is of priceless importance. Products of art radiate energy and that source can not be spent. One book will not be spent as soon as someone reads it. A painting will not fade away because someone saw it. Art is indestructible. And attempts of the collective mind to create consumable “art” from consumable products have failed.

And this failure means only one thing – art preserves from decay people – “consumers”. People will not be spent if they “consume” art, but they will be spent if they consume “fun”.

Art is Ubik.

Internet is a medium of art – clean, non expendable energy.

Internet is the remake of the myth of Eros and Psyche. Internet is Eros which does not fall asleep. And Psyche never drowns into dark.

On Rastko and Signalism

Project Rastko and Signalism created a fusion during the autumn of 2007. Quite a number of Signalist works, from theoretical to artistic, found its place on Rastko.[1] Quality attracted quality. Such a fusion is opposed to the relationship of the “opposed poles” which fusion creates “passion” – consummation. By fusion of Signalism and Rastko the quantity of energy has been enlarged, and both “sides” profited from that – a new current of inspiration has been created.

Here, as well as with the great Njegos, it is clear that smaller river does not disappear into the bigger one. Such a hierarchical concept collapses within the realm of energy field. Both Signalism and Rastko comprehend influx as the Ocean itself. Right there is where discrimination disappears.

Web – Babylon – Resurrection of Myth

Internet fully reflects the state of humankind – knowledge is dispersed and now we look for a mode to incorporate this knowledge into each individual. Again we are facing a myth – this time it is the myth of the Babylon Tower.

Will gods, bhagava, little devils, again climb on Arjuna’s shoulder and talk him into killing his relatives and friends?

Can Web be brought down like Tower?

In this Web each node has a potential to outgrow the Web around it.

This question can also be put as an ontological one – isn’t Web an endless mode of the free movement of Spirit?

And poetically – isn’t Web an already torn down Tower of Babel, which only so crumbled realizes the idea of distribution of knowledge in each of its points?

And truly, dialectics is obvious. NWO rushes towards its anti-idea, it longs to meet it.

Now is the “end of history” and we can not learn from history any more. What will happen, will not be history. What is happening now is not history.

Now is fermentation of the ripe fruit, now spirit is being distilled, the ambrosia.


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