Dobrica Kamperelic - Curriculum Vitae

Born in Belgrade, Yugoslavia in 1947. He graduated from the Faculty of Law at Belgrade University and worked as lawyer at publishing house Nolit. In the sixties he was drummer of R&B group The Impossibles. In 1968. he woke up about of lethargy and began writing satire (aphorisms, satiric poems and essays), also with drawings and vignettes. In late seventies he began to collaborate with international association for concrete and visual poetry WESTEAST, later as collaborator in neo-avantgarde art movements Signalism and Klokotrism. At that time he gradually became a mail-artist.

12 solo exhibitions in former Yugoslavia (Belgrade, Novi Sad, Priboj, Prijepolje, Gornji Milanovac, Bar), Croatia (Zagreb), USA (Dallas and San Francisco), South Korea (Seoul), Italia (Milano) and Holland (Tilburg) .

Author of more than 30 international multimedia-art projects and mail-art exhibitions such as: FLYING UP! (Museum of Contemporary Art), Interrelationships (House of Krsmanovic), Artists Free Zone, Destructio Unius - Generatio Alterius (NUBS gallery), ARS as IDEA (Belgrade Town Library), WORLD's ARTISTS' FAMILY (Belgrade Cultural Centre & HDLUZ-Expanded Art Media, ZAGREB), METARMOPHOSIS (Students Cult. Centre-Belgrade), OPEN WORLD - OPEN MIND (SULUJ gallery) etc- He also realized projects such as YU Avant-GARDE Movements with the help of Cesar Espinosa group COLECTIVO 3 (Mexico city) or ARS as IDEA (Ponte Nossa/Italia) ...

He realized 72 interactive projects, performances, happenings & processual demonstrations and contributed in 637 international art and mail art projects (experimental poetry, video-art, graphic-art, photography, painting & drawing, conceptualism., mail-art) all over the world. Also he contributed with perfo-group KVART in 50th Venice Biennale 2003. and in some festivals & networking congress in Minden/Germany and with new perfo-group ULTIMA OCCASIO in Bruxeless.

International Centre for Poetry Translation & Researches from China proclaimed him for BEST WORLD POET in 2004.

He is author of four books: Art as Communication (1992.), Open World - Open Mind (1996.), The Shortway Of Mind/The Diagonal of Presentiment (2001.) & The Landing to the New Era of Planetary Art (2002.) .

He is a member of The Serbian Writers Association (UKS) and Serbian Visual Artists Association (ULUS) - Section for Expanded Art Media and some international art associations.

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