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MIROLJUB TODOROVIĆ, Serbian poet and artist, was born 1940. in Skoplje. He graduated law at the Faculty of Law, University of Belgrade. He is the founder and theoretician of Signalism, an avant-garde literary and artistic movement, active in Serbian and Yugoslav culture, and editor in chief of the International review Signal. Upon his work there were published more than 2000 reviews, articles and essays in journals and magazines and 15 books. His work was also evaluated in three Ph.D. theses. The first one was presented by Dr. Ph. Julian Kornhauser, at University of Krakow, the Department of Yugoslavistics in 1980. The second was presented by Dr. Živan Živković, at University of Belgrade, the Department of Serbian 20th Century Literature in 1991. The third was presented by Dr. Ph. Milivoje Pavlovic at Megatrend University in Belgrade in 2002.

Poetry books:
Planet (1965), Signal (1970), Kyberno (1970), Trip to Astroland (1971), The Pig is an Excellent Swimmer (1971), Staircase (1971), Gift-parcel (1972), Certainly Milk Flame Bee (1972), Thirty Signalist Poems (1973), Bumpkin Shows off, (Slang Poetry,1974), TV Set to Stare at, (Slang Poetry, 1977), Insect on the Temple (1978), Algol (1980), Textum (1981), Brain Soup (1982), Chinese Erotism (1983), Knock-out (1984), A Day on the Hymen (1985), I Become Silent Horror Language Core (1986), I Mount Rosinante Again, (Selected Poems, 1987), Water-snake Drinks Rainwater (1988), Soupe de cervau dans l'Europe de l'Est (1988), St.Vitus Day (1989), Rzav River Neighs Happily (1990), His Thorn Red and Black (1991), Ambassador Dustbin, (Slang Poetry, 1991), Grill from Srem (1991), I Breathe, I Talk (1992), Rosy Lizard Runs Across the Rain (1994), Striptease, (Slang Poetry, 1994), Loud Frog (1994), Virgin Byzantium (1994), Storm Spittle (1995), Tzar Trojan’s Goat Ears (Gestual Poetry, 1995), Planet (1996), Ho (Slang Poetry, 1997), Electric chair (Slang Poetry, 1998), Stars' Trowel (1998), Prescription for liver inflamation (1999), Azure Dream (2000), Shot into Shit (2001), Speech Burning (2002), Phonets and Other Poems (2005), Parallel Worlds (2006), Blue Wind (2006).

Prose books: I Just Opened my Mail (epistolary novel, 2000), Walked Into my Ear (slang stories, 2005), Diary 1982 (2006), Window (Dreams, 2006), Slang Stories (2007).

Books of Essays, and polemics:
Signalism (in English, 1973), Signalism (1979), Zipper for Morons, (Settlement with False Avant-garde) (1984), Cocks from Baylon Square, (Settlement with Serbian Traditionalism, 1986), Diary of Avant-garde (1990), Liberated Language (1992), Play and Imagination (1993), Chaos and Cosmos (1994), Towards the Source of Things (1995), Planetary Culture (1995), Grammatology Thirst (1996), Signalism Yugoslav creative movement (in English, 1998), Miscellanea (2000), Poetics of Signalism (2003), Courses of Neo Avant-garde (2004).

Books for children:

 Mouse in Kindergarten (2001), Crazymeter (2003).

Fortran (1972), Approaches (1973), Signal-Art (1980), Zlatibor (1990), Forest Honey (1992).

Anthologies (editor):
Signalist Poetry,( „Signal”, 1971), Concrete, Visual and Signalist Poetry, („Delo“, 1975), Mail Art - Mail Poetry, („Delo“, 1980).

One Man Shows:
Trip to Astroland, (Belgrade 1969), Trip to Astroland-Hotbed, (Niš 1969), Kyberno, (Belgrade 1969), Drawings, Signalist and Computer Poetry, (Novi Sad 1969), Signalist explorations 1.(Communication, Eye), (Belgrade 1973), Mail Art, (Belgrade 1981), Think About Signalism, (Belgrade 1983), Signalist Research, Visual Poetry, Mail Art, (Vršac 1983), Signal Art (Retrospective Exhibition, Belgrade 1984), Conquered Space, (Belgrade 1994/95), Signalism, (San Francisco, 1997).

Awards: „Pavle Marković Adamov“ 1995 for poetry and life work; „Oskar Davičo“ for best book published in 1998 (Star's Trowel); „Todor Manojlović“ 1999 for modern artist's sensibility and „Vuk Award“ 2005 for exceptional contribution in Serbian and pan-Serbian cultural space.

Todorović took part in more than six hundred international collective drawings exhibitions of Concrete poetry, Visual Poetry, Conceptual Art and Mail Art.

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