Slobodan Škerović


bow your head to Dürer

to reach by hand of Dürer
into the dark expanse
black, and beseech
this fathomless seal

slide down the curls
and freeze in plight of
mere delight

where voices stumble about
knitted into vestibule
and rays of light confused
wander like enchanted fool

bow your head to marauding stars
cringe not at what
befell their nest
dark entrance into netherworld
down ladders carved in jest

no tears will shine as Dürer’s eyes
his energy at rest
plated with erratic might

don’t frown when you see
grim rivulets, the life
thrown around by night,

grains and breasts

to ride in his vessel
into scarlet fraud
and fear not the clenching grease
of sapping mold

crushing scars!
minuets and cymbals
in unyielding grip

don’t fear the sight

these are galaxies of cotton
and milk
chopsticks stuck in haste
discrepant mauls

travel in earnest in your zest
for blessed mock the steams
vitriol tremor heart
garlic’s ooze and spleens

growl and shook the cradle of impunity
there brush strokes
choke tsars

here is the mirror where he looked
and here is where we parse

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