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The aim of this essay is to present a short insight on the achievements and the position of Balkan countries.

Nowadays the geopolitical situation in the Balkans has essentially changed. The new states which arose on the territory of the former Yugoslavia determine the priorities. These conditions determinate interests of states contiguous to the Balkans.

The concept of maintaining Ukraine's interests in the southern Balkan region can, on our sight to be constructed on tree interconnected bases.

- Active response to aspiration of a number of countries of region to development of the whole complex of the bilateral relations with Ukraine, including of political, military, economic and cultural character;

- Support to the clearly expressed aspiration of a number of countries to adjustment of equal in rights, mutually advantageous economic and political cooperation of all countries of region;

- Comprehension of that fact, that the number of the Balkan states clearly understands, that, having the not enough advanced industry to compete to western countries inconveniently, movement on east therefore is necessary first of all.

In our opinion, Ukraine could activate its interests in the Balkan direction, including the rate on development of bilateral relations with the states of the region, foreign policy, economic and defense aspirations which objectively correspond to the interests of Ukraine.

The Balkans remain until today a "powder cellar", dug up under the building of all Europe, saturated with treasures of mind and culture, museums and palaces, storing in its capitals the most valuable works of art and unique libraries. Europe always was and remains for mankind a model of world civilization, and should be protected. It was always so, and thus is such a need present today!

For how, the Balkans-the "underbelly of Europe"-are restless, and time will tell how long there will be peace.