Marko Aleksić

Mediaeval Swords from Southeastern Europe. Material from 12th to 15th Century: About the book

184 pag. + 18 Plates; 24 cm

Book include over 400 find of swords from Balkans and Carpathian basin i.e. Balkan peninsula, from Turkey to Slovenia with all other former Yugoslav republics: Serbia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia, as well as Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary and Slovakia. Typology is based on the typology of Ewart Oakeshott but also on the works of other scholars, Alfred Geibig, Marian Głosek, Anatolij Kirpichnikov, Alexander Ruttkay etc. Considering that swords from southeastern Europe include also some characteristic finds, Oakeshott`s typology is supplemented by some new types of pommels, blades and cross-guards.

Besides archaeological finds from southeastern Europe, attention is made also on group of swords which once used to be in Alexandria arsenal in Egypt and now are most in museums in Istanbul and also in other museums. Author also define the oldest finds of characteristic types of swords which derivates were popular in 15th century in Venice, but also could be found today in large number in collections in other Italian towns as well as in museums worldwide. Besides finds of swords, in book are used available historical sources from towns from mediaeval Hungary, Venice, Dubr ovnik, Kotor and other Dalmatian towns.

Text includes 19 Tables, 12 maps and 37 illustrations; 18 plates include 45 drawings and color photos of 24 swords.

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