„Žegar Živi • Žegar Lives“, new CD by Cloud Valley Music

Žegar Živi

Cloud Valley CV3008 (2008)

Zegar Zivi coverIt might come as a surprise that this extraordinary music is from Europe. Powerful acapella group vocals, often using the wild beating-against-drone technique of groktenje, diple playing, goat-calling and church-bell ringing from a group of amazingly resilient Serbian singers who've moved back to their village of Žegar in the rocky hill-country of Dalmatia in Croatia – a region war-shattered in the 1990s and still depopulated, but beautiful and now peaceful - to rebuild their homes and pick up the threads of their lives and rich musical traditions.

The album's title, and the group's name, means “Žegar Lives”.

All the tracks were recorded in Žegar in May 2007, produced by Andrew Cronshaw in collaboration with Svetlana Spajić.

We'll keep this press release short and refer you to the digipak's 60-page booklet, written in English and in Serbian, for the story of the recordings, short autobiographies by the singers themselves, track information and many photos.

(Please contact us if you'd like hi-res copies of any of the photos, or a shot of the cover, for publication).

Zegar Zivi group photo

Photo: Zegar field
  • Dragomir Vukanac - vocal
  • Jandrija Baljak - vocal
  • Svetlana Spajić - vocal
  • Vojislav Radmilović - vocal
  • Miljka Radmilović - vocal
  • Obrad Milić - diple & vocal

 1. U Žegaru rodila me nana (I was born in Žegar) 3:18

2. Čobanska svirka (A shepherd's air) 1:27

3. Četiri djevojačke pjesme (Four "maidens'" or "shepherdesses'" songs) 3:12

4. Vučarska Pjesma (Wolf song) 2:47

5. Čuvam ovce, čuvala me nana (I'm herding the sheep) 2:02

6. Koze (Goats) 1:29

7. Žegar Živi (Žegar lives) 1:21

8. Poziv za Jandriju (The call for Jandrija) 3:58

9. Svirka na diplama (Improvisation on diple) 0:45

10. Kolo igra (The ring-dance) 2:24

11. Biračko kolo (Biračko circle dance) 3:48

12. Sinoć veče večera jedna mlada gospoja (Last night the lady had supper) 2:16

13. Zdrav, Jandre! (To your health Jandre!) 1:10

14. Pije vino stotinu ajduka / Grlo moje, sto si ogrbalo (A hundred hajduks are drinking wine / Why my throat is hoarse) 2:04

15. Zeman dođe da zapjevam ođe / Sve sam svoje potrošio novce (The time has come to sing here / I've spent all my money) 1:25

16. Nemoj, mala, kazivati ko je (Girl, don't you tell) 0:51

17. Za te tvoje crne oči (For your black eyes) 1:33

18. Pjesma o Jandri Ćosi (The song of Jandro Ćoso) 2:46

19. Sve popišmo, a ne zapjevašmo (We've drunk everything, but not sung anything) 0:59

20. Ošino kolo (Ošo's kolo) 1:10

21. Žegar polje goji janje moje (Žegar field feeds my lamb) 2:32

22. Zvona Žegarske crkve (The bells of Žegar church) 1:31

Phot: Vojo with goats
Photo: a toast
Photo: Obre playing diple
Photo: the river Zrmanje at Zegar
Photo: Vojo rings the bells of Zegar church

Available worldwide direct from Cloud Valley Music: +44 (0)20-8521 4649, www.cloudvalley.com

£11 including post and packaging to buyers in the UK, £12 (12 GBP) to buyers outside the UK.

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