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Andrej Tišma was born 1952 in Novi Sad, Yugoslavia. Graduated from Academy of Fine Arts, Prague, Czechoslovakia in 1976. Solo exhibitions since 1972 (Novi Sad, Belgrade, New York, Milan, Seoul, Munich, Naples, San Francisco, London, Budapest, Tokyo and Bremen), and since 1969 took part in some 600 collective exhibitions in Yugoslavia and about 40 countries all over the world. He collaborates with the Signalist movement since early 70s.

Concerned with concrete poetry, mail-art, rubber stamp art, photography, performance art, electrography, video art, web 1art and music. He has been involved with the international mail-art movement since 1973. and has organized about ten international mail-art projects in Yugoslavia and Canada and is author of two mail-art monographs: “Private Life” (1986) and “Nature Gives...” (1992), as well of a fax-art monograph “FAX HeART” (1995). Two books on his visual works were published: “Alter – Alternative Works 1972-1982”, Vršac (1987), and a collection of his rubber-stamp art, articles and essays on art “Andrej Tišma” in San Francisco (1996). He is the founder of The Institute For Spreading of Love (1991) and of the "Ljubav/Love" magazine. In 1991 he was a guest-lecturer at the Institut des Hautes Etudes en Arts Plastiques in Paris. In 1992 Tišma started the "Embargo Art" campaign and has organized the "Anti-embargo Congress" of artists in Sremski Karlovci, Serbia.

Since 1996 Tišma is working in the field of digital graphics, and since 1997 in the field of web art. His web art works are included in the Net Art Idea Line, Whitney Museum Of American Art, New York, USA; Rhizome Artbase, USA; Net Art Guide, Stuttgart, Germany; Net Art Collection of the Irish Museum Of Modern Art, Dublin, Ireland. He took part in the Ars Electronica festival, Linz, Austria.

He is member of the Association of Fine Artists of Serbia (section for expanded media); International Association of Art Critics (AICA); Association of Applied Art Artists and Designers of Vojvodina (section for theory); International Writers and Artists Association (IWAA), Bluffton, USA;

Tišma has published art criticism and essays since 1976 in numerous newspapers, magazines, radio and TV (over 1,600 bibliographic units) in Yugoslavia and abroad (France, USA, Italy, Belgium, Germany, Brazil). From 1981 till 2008 worked as an art critic for the Novi Sad "Dnevnik" daily newspaper. Since 2011 works as an editor for digital arts in Cultural Center of Novi Sad. He has published a book of art criticism and essays “Other Territories”, Sremski Karlovci (1992), collection of his articles on art "Andrej Tišma" in San Francisco (1996), a monograph “Sublime Objects – Examples of Fine Art in Yugoslavia at the End of 20th Century”, Novi Sad (2002) and “Interfaces Of Limitless – Digital And Internet Art At The Turn Of Millenia”, Novi Sad, (2008).

Tišma has curated several exhibitions of contemporary art: "Alternative NS83", 1983, Novi Sad; "Art and Ethics", 1988, Sombor and Novi Sad; "Sublime Objects", 2003. Novi Sad; "Outdoors - International Digital Art Show", 2004, Novi Sad; and from 1984 to 1999 about twenty international mail-art and telefax art shows countrywide in the former Yugoslavia and in Calgary, Canada. He was co-curator of October Salon, Belgrade, 1996 and curator of "Critics Have Chosen", Belgrade, 1998.


  • 1995 International Writers and Artists Association Award, Bluffton, USA
  • 1995 Center for Visual Culture "Golden Eye" Annual Award, Novi Sad
  • 1999 "Artmagazin" Annual Award, Novi Sad
  • 2004 "Golden Mortar" Annual Award, "Podrum" Gallery, Novi Sad
  • 2005 Center for Visual Culture "Golden Eye" Annual Award, Novi Sad
  • 2007 “Planet Earth” Annual Award, Novi Sad
  • 2010 “The Clear Brooks Family” Annual Award, Belgrade

Under the pen-name Andrej Živor he has been publishing poetry and prose since 1976, and since 1980 he published thirteen books in Yugoslavia, USA and France. He is member of Writers Association of Vojvodina since 1981.

Published books of poetry: "Dokument" (Document), Matica srpska, Novi Sad, 1980; "Ponašanje" (Behaviour), Stražilovo, Novi Sad, 1981; "Reklamni panoi" (Billboards), Matica srpska, Novi Sad, 1983; "Brondogvas", Razvigor, Užička Požega, 1987; "Quadro de avisos", International Writers and Artists Association, Boulder, Colorado, USA, 1988; "Billboard Poems", University of Colorado, Boulder, Colorado, USA, 1988; "Panneaux pubricitaires", La Page et la Plume, Paris, France, 1994; "Apaurin", Zajednica književnika Pančeva, Pančevo, 1996; "Svi u prirodu" (Let's Go To Nature), Prosveta, Beograd, 1999; "Reklame besmrtnosti" (Advertising Immortality), Orpheus, Novi Sad, 2006.

Books of prose: "10", Književna zajednica Novog Sada, Novi Sad, 1982; "Za laku noć" (Good Night), Književna zajednica Novog Sada, Novi Sad, 1989. He edited anthology "Pitanje života - ekologija u poeziji savremenih novosadskih pesnika" (Question of Life - ecology in contemporary poetry of Novi Sad) (with D. Matović), Gradska biblioteka, Novi Sad, 1994.

Lives in Novi Sad. Address: Modene 1, 21000 Novi Sad, Serbia

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