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Projekat Rastko Gračanica - Peć: Istorija: Old Serbia and Albanians

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The map shows, beside the administrative division, the ethnographical circumstances in Old Serbia, i.e. the vilayet of Kosovo of the time. It is the result of the research that lasted to a couple of years, and that were accomplished by Austro-Hungarian Military-political and Strategic services. The whole study was aimed for the military needs of Austro-Hungary. It is obvious that Austro-Hungarian experts had differentiated between the confessional and national belonging, as with the Serbs, as well as with the Albanians and other peoples. Under the mark “Serbs” the following was written: “Greek-Eastern” (Orthodox) – “Bosnian Catholics” – “Bosnian Crypto – Catholics” - ”Mohammedans”. According to those data, for example, in the region of today’s Kosovo and Metohia , the proportion between the Serbs (Orthodox and Muslims) and Albanians was 50:50% of the population.

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