Slobodan Škerović

Introduction to the signalist criticism

Signalism, i.e. existential criticism, distinguishes between phenomena and truth – it is not concerned with categories, it does not believe in rational order, it considers affections a serious disease, that the “highest good” is freedom, that intelligence is creativeness.

The field of existence is the field of truth, it measures the whole Universe, and turns our planet into a single node in the infinity of cosmic network.

Men’s obsession with the evolution of the species, turns out to be the greatest obstruction to the spiritualization and deliverance from the infinite, crushing force of gravitation, which prevents free motion of the spirit, which is pain itself.

From the very beginning, Signalism assigned to itself a task to master all, new and old, means of expression, to show them in their constitutional parts and as a principle – to show that the “means of communication” are intermediaries which can only survive, as a sign of spiritual creativity, in contact with personality.

Human evolution has been over for a long time now, as transformation of material into the energetic. Humankind lives in denial of that end – in denial of the freedom which human beings have achieved, and which enables humankind to participate in cosmic events. Evolution’s focus is an individual with his struggle to free himself from delusions and suffering, and the category of humankind, as a mass of ignorant “upright walking” beings, is the dark, invisible, indescribable “mass”, which only devolves, demutates and slides down into the horrible hell of its own nighttime and daytime horrors.

Signalism is vigilant, relying on the mind and the constant of categorical imperative which rules the beyond world of the creative force.

The refocusing of modern man from conformism and consumption to creativity and direct experience of energy, is the primary objective of Signalism.

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