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Project RastkoHistory of Serb culture
TIA Janus


Translated by Randall A. Major


FOREWORD - Pavle Ivić
Rises and falls in Serbian statehood in the Middle Ages - Sima Ćirković
The centuries under Turkish rule and the revival of Serbian statehood - Radoš Ljušić
Standard language as an instrument of culture and the product of national history - Pavle Ivić
Medieval literature - Radmila Marinković
Architecture in medieval Serbia - Vojislav Korać
Art in the Middle ages - Vojislav J. Đurić
Medieval music - Roksanda Pejović
Serbian printing - Pavle Ivić i Mitar Pešikan
The oral tradition - Nada Milošević-Đorđević
Traditional attire - Jasna Bjeladinović-Jergić
Traditional architecture - Jasna Bjeladinović-Jergić
Literature in the Eighteenth and Nineteenth centuries - Jovan Deretić
Art in the Eighteent and Nineteenth centuries - Dejan Medaković
Modern Serbian architecture - Ivica Mlađenović
Musical composition and performance from the Eighteenth century to the present - Roksanda Pejović
The theatre - Petar Marjanović
Twentieth century literature - Novica Petković
Painting in the Twentieth century (The First epoch - 1900-1950) - Miodrag B. Protić
Painting in the Twentieth century (The Second Epoch - after 1950) - Miodrag B. Protić
Serbian sculpture in the Twentieth century - Miodrag B. Protić
Naive art - Koviljka Smiljković
Design and Applied art - Miroslav Fruht
A century and half of photography in Serbia - Zoran Gluscevic
Film and cinematography (1896-1993) - Dejan Kosanović
Television - Miroslav Savićević
Journalism and publicist writing - Mihailo Bjelica

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The Publisher
Radomir Putnikovich

Editor Board
Prof. dr. Pavle Ivić, Chairman

For the Publisher
Dr. Ann Barrington
Srećko Jovanović

Miodrag Vartabedijan

Copyright, English Editionb,
1995, Porthill Publishers

ISBN 1 870732 31 6

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